Coherence Hotspot Training


Coherence Hotspot Training


Let your Journey begin!

We have designed a unique online training for you, and it’s now available! Get ready to start your own Coherence Hotspot in your local community – as part of the global Coherence Hotspot network.

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The World Changes...

..when we change. Through this online training, you will empower yourself, and therefore, help empower others.

How will you benefit?

Empirical Science Training | Coherence Hotspot

Most of what we believe is not even true. We will help you to broaden, or even change your worldview – all based on the latest empirical science. Through this training, you will learn how to create a harmonious, coherent relationship with the natural world, and with each other.

HeartMath technology | Coherence Hotspot

Learn tools and techniques to effectively create a coherent and balanced environment inside your body. This state impacts others. You will also learn how to use the intelligent HeartMath® technology.

Online Training | Coherence Hotspot

Learn how to apply all practical steps needed to start a Coherence Hotspot in your community. This includes artwork templates, social media tips and global visibility. You will become an expert in facilitating social change.

What you’ll learn:

  • The science behind our connected universe
  • Belief systems and changing worldviews
  • The influence of epigenetics & placebo
  • Personal coherence vs. global coherence
  • Social coherence to social change
  • Impact on physiology – resilience – field
  •  The power of measuring biofeedback
  • Role of emotions and shifting your state
  • Heartmath® technology
  • Coherence & resonance in relation to quantum physics
  • Contribution of Foster Gamble – THRIVE
  • Contribution of Rollin McCraty – HeartMath
  • Contribution of Nassim Haramein & Teresa Collins
  • Interviews with Gregg Braden & Bruce Lipton
Global Coherence Initiative Boulder Creek | Coherence Hotspot
Rollin McCraty HeartMath | Coherence Hotspot
Foster Gamble - THRIVE | Coherence Hotspot
A Connected Universe | Coherence Hotspot
Global Coherence | Coherence Hotspot Training

When a group of people enters into a collective state of coherence, they can powerfully enhance the global electromagnetic field.

Sacred Site | Coherence Hotspot Training

Our ancestors already had the knowledge and understanding to create Coherence Hotspots. We have always called them ‘sacred sites’.

Personal Coherence | Coherence Hotspot Training

Our breath and our emotions are directly linked to the beat-to-beat changes in our heart. Biofeedback technology shows these changes.

Get the Training!

This unique online training is now available for an introductory offer of only C$135 (appr. US$ 100). After completion, you can start your own Coherence Hotspot, and join all other global Hotspotters.

Get online training | Coherence Hotspot

There’s more…

Like a toroidal energy field, you’ll be in a dynamic flow process during and after the training.  In addition to the course material mentioned above, you will learn about the practical steps needed to become a Coherence Hotspot facilitator. We will guide you through this process, and before you know, you’ve created a spark in your community for all those who are ready to learn and help facilitate a shift on our planet.

Toroidal Field| Coherence Hotspot Training


Can I participate?

Of course! If you are passionate about learning more about the science of human connection, and want to connect with like minded people – this training is for you.

What are the main benefits?

You’ll be part of a global community that helps facilitate change on our planet. You can do this work as a volunteer, build a conscious business, or add Heart to your existing business.

What is Coherence?

Coherence is the healthy state when our heart, our mind and our emotions are in an energetic alignment and cooperation. It’s also a state that builds resiliency.

Do I need to start a Coherence Hotspot?

No. You can just take the training because you are inspired and curious. The content is exciting and covers cutting-edge science. It might even change your worldview and in turn change your life as you know it.

Why do I need the training?

All Coherence Hotspot facilitators need to have a similar knowledge base in order to  facilitate consistent change. That’s why.

I'm HeartMath certified

That’s great, and the knowledge will help you big time. The Coherence Hotspot training is not a HeartMath course however. By taking our training, you will automatically become part of our online learning Hub: Coherence School!

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Coherence Hotspot

Born from a deep passion for healing our planet, the global Coherence Hotspot network was established in 2018. This network is endorsed by the HeartMath® Institute.
Dirk Terpstra | Coherence Hotspot


Dirk Terpstra is the Coherence Hotspot Founder, and is a HeartMath® Certified trainer, passionate to help raise human consciousness..

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