Coherence Hotspot Training


Price is in Canadian dollars, including 5% tax.



We have designed a unique online training for you, and it’s now available! Get ready to start your own Coherence Hotspot in your local community – as part of the global Coherence Hotspot network.

What you will learn:

  • The science behind our connected universe
  • Belief systems and changing worldviews
  • The influence of epigenetics & placebo
  • Personal coherence vs. global coherence
  • Social coherence to social change
  • Impact on physiology – resilience – field
  •  The power of measuring biofeedback
  • Role of emotions and shifting your state
  • Heartmath® technology
  • Coherence & resonance in relation to quantum physics
  • Steps to create a Coherence Hotspot
  • Contribution of Foster Gamble – THRIVE
  • Contribution of Rollin McCraty – HeartMath
  • Contribution of Nassim Haramein
  • Interviews with Gregg Braden & Bruce Lipton