The Mystery of Healing


75 mins Interactive online Program. Price in Can$.
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Interactive Learning – Sunday, July 12 – 1:00 PM PT
We can use the body as an instrument for changing our subconscious loops – shifting from knowledge to understanding and real-time applications for change.

In this interactive program, you will gain an in-depth understanding of how we can effectively facilitate healing, on every level possible.

You will learn about the seemingly mysterious ways we can build a deeper connection, between our body, mind and emotions.
And finally, you’ll discover how deeply intelligent and perfect we are as humans.

You can learn facts, however without understanding who you truly are, nothing will change.

Join us
Join us for a deep dive into how to create new possibilities for healing, without the old model of healthcare, and become empowered about your health and future. We have gotten lost in this modern world with all of our conveniences and pills that fix, cover, and distract us from ourselves and others.

Interactive Learning
75 minutes live video session
Personal learning experience in small group
Zoom platform

Dirk Terpstra and Hilary Davies are the founders of the global Coherence Hotspot network, and HeartMath Certified trainers. They are both fascinated by how the human mind and emotions, have an immediate impact on the physical body. They have developed an extensive self-regulation methodology at one of Canada’s most recognized trauma programs for former military and police with PTSD.

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